Buying your first home is a huge step so we have listed a few tips we wish we knew!

  • Get a pre-approval! Talk to us first to find out what you’ll be able to borrow and set your limits accordingly.
  • Check what is currently available for first home buyer grants and stamp duty discounts. Apply early!
  • Create an affordable budget and stick to it! If you are unrealistic in your budgeting it won’t last long and you might find out you’ve bitten off more you can chew.
  • Get reading! Do your research into the area and property market. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting (building inspections etc.) and how much you should be paying for what in the area. Keep an eye out online and in newspapers for auction results and upcoming listings.
  • Get together the biggest deposit possible! It will reduce your principle meaning you pay less interest over time. It also helps in getting loan approval as it shows the banks you are disciplined.


Most importantly, speak to us today to go through the steps and discuss your options for buying your first home.