Building your new home? Keep excitement levels up and stress levels down.

You need the right type of loan for the delicate balancing act that lies ahead. One that’s specifically structured to ensure the funds are there, at the ready, just when you need them.


What type of loan do I need to build a house?

It’s a question we’re often asked. The answer, a construction loan (or construction facility), because it’s designed to support home- builders like you (and occasionally, renovators) manage your specific lending needs.

Construction loans are tailor-made to support the home-building process.

One of the key differences of a construction home loan is that it releases funds gradually. While the chosen lender approves the total loan amount needed to complete the build, funds (called “progress payments”) are released at agreed stages throughout the home-build. This gradual “drawdown” of funds means you pay interest only on the borrowed amount up to that time, not the total amount.

But remember, it’s the details that make the difference

The fine print in construction loans can differ from lender to lender, we complete a forensic elimination process so you’re confident you get the ideal loan to fit your unique circumstances. We’ll explain the nitty-gritty (minus the jargon) including less favourable aspects like increased paperwork, a potentially higher deposit, rates and more. If need be, we’ll recommend alternative options that will be better for you, because that’s the way we work.

Are you renovating?

While a construction loan may be suitable, you have other home loan options too. Call for a quick chat to discuss your options.




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