Getting family to help with your home loan deposit?

Want to fast-track your property purchase and save on Lenders Mortgage Insurance? It’s possible. Guarantor Loans are increasingly common, which is great news for you and we help make everyone feel good.


Getting into the property market has never been harder.

With house prices rocketing, many parents (or other family members) are acting as a loan guarantors, to get their kids into their own home faster. While there are plenty of benefits, it pays to discuss the arrangements, agree on the terms and get the paperwork just right.

Enjoy Big Benefits with Security Guarantor (or Family Guarantee) Home Loans

This type of mortgage makes it possible to secure your deposit, save on Lenders Mortgage Insurance, borrow more and get into your new home faster. While it’s tempting to focus on the numerous advantages here, it’s worthwhile mentioning that Security Guarantor Loans need a deft hand, professional guidance and plenty of objectivity. The goal is to find your new home, an affordable mortgage with great interest rates, protect your property and importantly, safeguard your family’s relationships.

At Icon, we understand the value of family and the emotion that surrounds a Security Guarantor Home Loan. That’s why we take you through each step of the process and explain potential pitfalls as well as benefits. Then polish up the paperwork, expedite the process and make everyone smile.




We’re a down-to-earth and friendly team who also happen to be experts in mortgage broking and finance lending.

Which means:

  • We speak your language — jargon-free, clear and simple. Always.
  • We apply the two ears, one mouth approach – listening first, talking after.
  • We understand that every decision affects your (and your family’s) financial security.
  • We look beyond today to safeguard your future and retain your trust.
  • We dig deeper and think bigger to deliver the best loan for you and your unique circumstances.

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