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Other loans and services


Due to expensive upfront costs and regulation related hurdles, smaller businesses do not typically have direct access to the debt and equity markets for financing purposes. Therefore, they must rely on financial institutions to meet their financing needs. Commercial Loans are renewable loans used to finance a company’s immediate working capital needs. These can be large or small scale and usually operate short-term.


The variable rate loan offers more features and flexibility than the basic or “no frills” loan, so the rate is usually slightly higher. Fixed rate loans are set at a fixed rate for a specified period – usually one to five years. The advantage of allowing you to organise your finances and repayments without the risk of rising interest rates is offset by the disadvantage of not benefiting from a drop in rates.


A loan with lower repayments for the first six to twelve months is often called a Honeymoon Loan. After the ‘honeymoon’ the loan becomes a standard variable loan and the repayments increase. Make sure that you can meet the higher repayments for the remainder of the loan. You could also be faced with a fee at the end of the honeymoon period to switch to another loan type.


A bridging loan may be necessary to cover the financial gap when buying one property before the existing one is sold. This finance is generally secured against your property as you are utilising the equity in your existing property. Usually, bridging loans are short term and more expensive than other types of loans.


Janice Smythe also has over 25 years experience in property development. We will work side by side with you to organise all facets of the building process including joint venture opportunities, property acquisitions, arranging plans, permits, builders and more.


We are partners with Real Estate and Property Management services. They can assist with all of your investment property needs as well as selling your home, investment properties and even commercial properties.

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