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With nearly 20 years of firsthand and comprehensive experience delivering seamless and personalised financial advice Icon Home Loans has been driven towards helping our clients find the right service and solution to suit their current financial situation. Able to deliver our exceptional services in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, we stand apart as Melbourne’s leading loan refinance professionals.

How Our Refinance Services Can Help You

At Icon Home Loans it is our goal to ensure that your particular financial needs are catered for. By closely analysing your individual financial situation, compared to your loan repayment schedule, interest rates, and the value of your home, we can determine if the path to refinance is right for you.

Just because you are already in a home loan does not mean that you are committed to the same loan until it is completely paid off. If you are coming up to the end of the loan’s term or your loan allows you to refinance the team at Icon Home Loans can assist you completely with refinancing your home.

Refinancing can be a viable solution for a number of homeowners wanting to: select a loan that has lower interest rates, are looking for a loan with flexible repayments, want to consolidate debts, or want to gain tax benefits. At Icon Home Loans our knowledge of the industry and the process behind refinancing guarantees that you will reap improved financial benefits from your new loan.

Can I Refinance My Home?

At Icon Home Loans we conduct in-depth assessments of both our clients and their current financial situation. By taking the time to completely understand the specifications of your active home loan we can determine whether or not it is possible to refinance your home. The best way to determine if refinancing is an option speak to one of our professionals today.

Process to Get a Refinance

By working closely with our valued clients Icon Home Loans proudly offer a complete refinancing service. Covering everything from your initial consultation through to replacing the existing loan with the new one that has been selected our professional team will happily deliver a stress-free experience. To make an appointment for a free consultation with our mortgage brokers call us on 0499 426 600.

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Director and Senior Mortgage Broker

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Senior Mortgage Broker

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Mortgage Broker

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Mortgage Broker

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