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As proud members and certified mentors of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia the mortgage brokers and financial experts at Icon Home Loans understand the importance of meeting the needs and requirements of our valued clients. Committed to delivering a clear, concise, and focused experience to clients located throughout Melbourne’s metropolitan area Icon Home Loans proudly deliver our services in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese with the same level of clarity.

Able to scour the marketplace for all available loans that are relevant to your requirements depending on the type of property you are after and your current and projected financial situation. With our mortgage brokerage skills Kew locals can rely on us to help them gain approval for home and commercial loans, investment loans, fixed and variable interest rates, as well as detailed real estate advice based on over three decades of real estate development experience.

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No matter you loan and mortgage needs or requirements you can trust Icon Home Loans to treat you with respect and provide you with accurate and timely advice, guidance, and representation regarding your loan. Thanks to our specific skill set we are able to identify the loans that have the best terms and lower interest rates, allowing our valued clients to own the home or property they’ve always wanted. To find out more about the benefits of our approach to securing home loans Kew residents and beyond can call us directly on 0499 426 600.



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