Fixed Rate Home Loans

What Are Fixed Rate Home Loans?

Are you looking for a home loan that allows you to budget into the future with confidence? Since 1998 the fully-qualified and experienced professionals at Icon Home Loans have helped Melburnians from all walks of life find the right loan suited to their desires and requirements. As the name suggests fixed rate home loans offer a fixed interest rate that does not change based on the market index or decisions made by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

The Benefits of Fixed Rate Home Loans

The fixed rate home loans provide borrowers certainty about repayment schedules and the amount that they will have the repay, allowing them to accurately manage and control their finances. Another benefit of a fixed rate home loan is if you select a loan at a comparatively low rate you will be able to enjoy that low interest rate, even if the market index rises.

What Our Experts Say

With nearly 20 years of detailed home loan and mortgage brokerage experience behind us, combined with 34 years in real estate development, you can trust the financial professionals at Icon Home Loans for transparent and leading advice and guidance relevant to your situation. By offering a free initial consultation we can help you determine whether the benefits of a fixed home loan suit your aspirations and budget goals.

The Process to Apply for a Fixed Rate Home Loan

At Icon Home Loans we aim to take the stress and hassle out of the loan application process. To deliver the best possible customer satisfaction experience we proudly offer sound financial advice and mortgage brokerage solutions in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese with confidence. All you have to do to begin your loan application process is to meet with our friendly and easy-to-follow team and we will guide you through the entire process. To make an appointment to speak to our team call us on 0499 426 600.



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