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Since 1998 the financial professionals at Icon Home Loans have helped countless Melbourne residents throughout the metropolitan region gain financial clarity and support to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. Working closely with clients from all walks of life we can analyse their financial situation and environment to determine the best loan or mortgage for their situation.

Icon Home Loans understands that it can be difficult for small business owners to gain approval for loans from certain financial institutions. As an accredited member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia our mortgage brokers can source out renowned commercial loans available at different interest rates and repayment schedules based on the requirements of our clients.

Types of Commercial Loans We Offer

Commercial Mortgage

Icon Home Loans understands how frustrating it can be to be denied a loan when you are on the verge of a necessary expansion or renovation of your business. Drawing on our decades of firsthand experience and training the team at Icon Home Loans are the team you can trust to help you gain the right commercial mortgage. By analysing details such as your current financial situation, historic and projected earnings, as well as estimates for what you will be using the loan for, we can accurately determine which commercial loan is best for you.

How Does a Commercial Loan Work?

The way that a commercial loan works entirely depends on your financial and business situation. To ensure that the right loan is provided to our clients there are different commercial loans available based on whether you are a sole proprietor or a part of a greater entity. Based entirely on your circumstances commercial loans or mortgages will have differing interest rates, repayment schedules, and may require in-depth assessments of your financial history.

How Can I Get a Commercial Mortgage?

At Icon Home Loans it is our goal to find the best commercial mortgage for you! After meeting with you we will conduct a detailed assessment of your financial history, run a credit check, and then find the right mortgage based on both your aspirations and your business goals. To find out more about our approach to helping you gain the commercial mortgage to expand or improve your businesses operations call us on 0499 426 600.



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