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Secure Your Future with our Range of Investment Home Loans

Are you wanting to increase your personal wealth? Are you looking to purchase a property to supplement your superannuation once you retire? With almost 20 years of firsthand experience and training our expert team have the knowledge to bolster your assets with a complete investment home loan.

Committed to taking the hard work out of the home loan application and approval process the mortgage brokers at Icon Home Loans can take all the hard work and hassle out of gaining the best home loan on the market.

Looking to get a Property Loan?

Property Loans

At Icon Home Loans we are passionate about helping our clients gain the investment property they have had their eyes on. With our deep knowledge of the property market, and the steps necessary to secure a comprehensive property loan, Icon Home Loans aim to meet all the requirements of our valued customers.

The Process to getting a Property Loan

Able to communicate fluently in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, we are able to assist prospective investment property owners with all steps of gaining a property loan. At Icon Home Loans we aim to deliver a complete and detailed process, that covers everything from our initial consultation with you, to scouring the marketplace for the best loan, and onto representing your interests to the financial institution.

What is an Owner-Occupied Loan?

Owner Occupied Loan

If you are already own and live in the property you want to gain the loan for then an Owner-Occupied Loan is the best option for you. By pursuing an owner-occupied loan the borrower can use the loan to conduct renovations and extensions on existing properties. Icon Home Loans can search for owner-occupied loans with fixed or variable rates, and at differing amounts depending on what you are wanting to use the loan for.

Difference Between Owner Occupied Loan and Investment Loan?

Residential Home Loans

While owner-occupied loans are granted specifically for properties that the borrower is currently living in, investment loans are used by prospective property owners who are attempting to purchase a property that you do not wish to inhabit. Available at different interest rates and repayment schedules you will find the loan you are after thanks to Icon Home Loans.

Why Choose Us?

With our decades of combined experience, alongside our unshakeable commitment to our clients, Icon Home Loans stand out as one of the most reliable mortgage brokers in currently operating in Melbourne. At Icon we put the needs and desires of our clients before our own profit. Able to communicate over multiple languages with clarity our team ensure that you understand every step of the process. To arrange for a free consultation with our experts call us today on 0499 426 600.



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